5 Things Your Hair Stylist Needs You To Know


Your hairdresser is usually more than just that, They are also a therapist, style guide, know the coolest new restaurant in town and maybe can even help find your next business partner. They spend all day working with people and as you can imagine there are some common themes that pop up. Here are a few of the things that your stylist would love you to know but may not be able to say.


We Have Seen Worse

People can often be embarrassed by how bad they think their hair is. Often times we see clients with hair or scalp conditions that can seem really scary. However as trained professionals we will not only treat you with sensitivity but we often can find the cause of the problem or suggest how to fix it. Especially if you may have done a DIY that went bad, it is really important to see a stylist as soon as possible.

If you want to give them a heads up call ahead and try and book an appointment when there is less of a crowd. Usually early in the morning or mid week. You will not be judged whatever state you think your hair is in. We are here to support and guide you and treat you with respect.


Being Late Is A Big Deal

Hairdressing is 100% art and 100% science. Timing is extremely important, not to get clients in and out although nobody wants to spend all day in the salon. For example when using bleach, there is a very fine line between the perfect color and over processing which will cause major damage. Stylists work to a schedule that allows for maximum time utilization.

That means they can apply a color while the next client is getting washed and be done with a blow-dry before they have to rinse it off. This does not allow much room for error, anything more than 5-10 mins can throw a whole day off and cause hours of delays. If you are running late which happens to us all, always call ahead. It makes the world of difference and usually your stylist can still see you.


Be A Little Adventurous

Fashion is a fast speed train, it travels around the world and even back and forth through time. There are always new trends and we really love to test out our skills and stay current. You don’t have to go full haute couture and follow runway trends but maybe opting for a few shades lighter or darker with the seasons and a cut to match. This will not only help you feel like you are having a mini makeover, it lets your stylist flex and show you just how great they can make you look.


Recommendations Are Gold

While a tip shows immediate satisfaction we love nothing more than when you brag about us to your friends and family. Although you may think keeping us a secret means that you get your pick of appointments it also means that we will have to raise our prices more often as we are less busy.

The more you help us to grow the more you will be rewarded. Loyal clients bring out the best in us and the VIP treatment is an added bonus. Try it and see. If you recommend a friend see how your stylist welcomes you at your next appointment.


We Don’t Sell Products To Hit Targets

We are not natural sales people and sometimes it can be uncomfortable to push products. However, it is not because we don’t believe in them or are being forced to. It is the exact opposite. Most stylists would love if clients used all the products they recommended and had regular treatments. It would make a world of difference to your hair. It is just that we know they can be costly and so we shy away from adding to your bill.

This was just a little insight into the mind of a stylist. Hopefully this will spark up a conversation or get you to see things a little differently when you next visit the salon.

Want To Have Beautiful & Vibrant Hair?

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