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Fix Hair Loss – 3 Treatments & Solutions for 2024

Hair loss affects a growing number of women. Causes range from genetics, medication and illness to bad hair practices. Whatever the cause for your hair loss there are things you can do. Hair loss is known as Alopecia and comes in many forms. As stated the causes range but usually

5 Things Your Hair Stylist Needs You To Know

Your hairdresser is usually more than just that, They are also a therapist, style guide, know the coolest new restaurant in town and maybe can even help find your next business partner. They spend all day working with people and as you can imagine there are some common themes that

Choosing Hair Extensions

What are hair extensions? Adding additional hair with either high quality virgin Remy, lower quality virgin Remy, non Remy or synthetic (high and low quality) to a persons own natural hair to create length and/or volume. It can be done using several different methods: Strand by strand keratin or bonded

Hair Extension Experience

Looking for a Great Hair Extensions Experience? Having a great hair extension experience can be life-changing. In just a few hours you can have hair that would take years to grow. There are so many possibilities! Hair extensions are a wonderful way to add highlights, thickness or simply make your

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