Salon Staff of Beene And Company

Doylene BeeneDoylene Beene
817-514-7010 Suite #1

Doylene is a master stylist with over 15 years experience in the salon industry. For over 30 years she has helped people look and feel their very best. She has dedicated herself to helping her clients achieve and maintain a great hairstyle. Her fun yet professional environment relaxes clients and lets them enjoy the process of creating a fresh look.

When you leave Doylene’s suite you will feel like your personality and beauty have been enhanced through your new style. Doylene specializes in creative haircuts and styles that are a step above. She does awesome colors , highlights and perms and her up-do’s are out of this world amazing! As an independent master stylist and color specialist , she can provide the expertise to help you look your absolute best, no matter what the occasion.

Shelly WadeShelly Wade
817-514-8889 Suite #20

Shelly has an extensive background in the salon industry with over 20 years experience combined with a passion for beauty and endless supply of creative energy. She specializes in precision haircuts, the latest color, highlight and extension techniques the salon industry has to offer as well as keratin complex smoothing therapy. The extensions are referred to as seamless, invisible or tape in. You can instantly have longer, fuller and sexier hair with no damage. She does amazing special occasion hair and high definition air brushed make up, including on site weddings.

She also is an expert in Brazilian waxing, face and body waxing. She is fast and precise. Shelly is known for her meticulous attention to detail and she strives for perfection. She can take you from average to amazing! She prides herself in making each client look and feel beautiful, while guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. She also educates you in the very best products for your hair type and achieving salon results at home.

Nancy RosellNancy Rosell
817-514-8889 Suite #20

Nancy has what it takes to transform your hair to what it should be. Nancy specializes in Brazilian Blowouts, haircuts, beautiful blonde highlights and rich coppery tones to lusciously deep ruby reds and brilliant rich brunettes. Nancy does amazing super smooth blowouts and beautiful beachy waves. She believes in getting your hair in the best condition possible. She wants to help clients achieve the look they have always wanted.

“I have an intense love for hair and how it can accentuate someones look and how it makes them feel. I believe in healthy hair and keeping it that way. I always give my clients a real and honest goal on what we need to get their hair looking beautiful and healthy.”

Additional Salon Artists:

Salon Artist Phone Suite
Mary Jane Garza 817-428-9446 Suite # 2
Sherry Gensler 817-428-6666 Suite # 3
Leslie Petersen  817-980-7159 Suite # 4
Vickie Courtney 817-501-8215 Suite # 5
Rita Rodriquez 817-788-8845 Suite # 6
Whitney Wheeler 817-371-6026 Suite # 7
Vicki Payne 817-253-3905 Suite # 8
Kathy Forester 817-800-4097 Suite # 9
Felicia Blackmon 817-781-4556 Suite #10
Amy Fitzgerald  817-657-8473 Suite #11
Jennifer Charlton  817-793-6375 Suite #12
Melissa Reece  817-929-4717 Suite # 13
Alicia Garcia  817-317-1711 Suite # 14
Candace Freeman 817-793-4850 Suite #15
Laura Madison 817-690-4710 Suite #16
Judy Kersey 817-565-3459 Suite #17
Sandy Reardon 817-319-4748 Suite #18
Joyce Hood 817-919-8817 Suite #19