What is a Hair Integration System? A Modern Solution for Hair Loss & Thinning Hair


hair integration system, unlike full wigs, allows the blending of existing hair with additional hair pieces to create a fuller, more natural look. This is a benefit to you If you have hair loss or thinning hair.

The systems vary widely, from methods of attachment that include weaving, bonding, or using micro-links, to the type of hair used, which can be synthetic or human. We only use the highest quality human hair. Choosing the right hair integration system revolves around individual needs, lifestyle, and the specific condition of one’s natural hair.

Understanding Hair Integration Systems

Young woman wearing hair integration system

Hair integration systems will bring your hair back to your natural look and feel without surgery. A solution that is beneficial if you have thin or thinning hair or mild hair loss.


Hair integration systems work by integrating a custom-made hairpiece with your existing strands, often using a mesh base that allows your scalp to breathe and provides a secure fit.

Components and Materials

Mesh Foundation: A critical component is the mesh foundation which acts as the anchor for the additional hair. This base is attached to your scalp or existing hair and can be made from materials like lace or a blend of fabric that ensures both durability and comfort.

Hair: The integration involves either human hair (more natural) or synthetic hair (more affordable), depending on your preference and budget. We only offer luxury human hair.

Benefits of Hair Integration

  • Enhanced Volume: Your hair will gain an instant boost in volume and coverage, which is particularly advantageous for women and men experiencing thinning hair.

  • Natural Look: Unlike a full wig, hair integration systems allow for a more natural appearance by blending seamlessly with your natural hair.

Type of Hair Integration Systems

There are a many forms of integration systems available to you to meet your needs. Here are two main types that we offer to help you determine what’s best for your specific hair concerns:

Mesh Integration

Your existing natural hair is blended into the fine, lightweight mesh base as to create a seamless look and feel.

  • Customization: The mesh can be tailored to match your hair color and density, ensuring a natural integration with your scalp and hair.

  • Maintenance: Regular salon visits are required for adjustments.

Custom Hairpieces

Custom hairpieces are made specifically for you, taking into account your hair loss pattern, color, texture, and styling preferences. These pieces are crafted to fit perfectly onto the targeted area, resulting in an undetectable blend with your existing hair.

  • Personalization: You receive a piece that’s made to your exact measurements and specifications.

  • Material Choices: Options include natural human hair, synthetic fibers, or a combination of both.

With these hair integration solutions will allow you to achieve a look that brings back your confidence and improve your lifestyle.

Choosing a Hair Integration System

When you are researching a hair integration system, you need to focus on elements such as comfort, quality, and the appearance you wish to achieve. Your choices will impact not only the look but also the feel and functionality of the system for your daily life.

Factors to Consider

You should assess various factors critical to finding an appropriate hair integration system. 

Comfort is paramount, as you’ll likely wear the system for extended periods. It should fit snugly without causing irritation to your scalp. Size is another important aspect; a proper fit is necessary to ensure a natural look and ease of wear.

The texture and color of your existing natural hair play a role in the selection process to ensure seamless integration.

Customization Options

An important part of a hair integration system is customization. A system with expansive customizable options allows for a tailored fit and personal style expression. Options can include specific texture variations, style preferences, and precise hair color matching.

Quality is also a factor; a higher-quality system typically offers greater customization. Custom systems are molded to your scalp and matched to your natural hair, thus providing a natural and comfortable fit.

Comparing Natural and Synthetic Options

Natural hair systems usually offer a more realistic texture and can be styled with heat tools. Alternatively, synthetic hair options often come pre-styled and cannot be changed or altered, and is more prone to matting and tangling.

However, synthetic hair lacks the versatility in style and texture that natural hair provides. Durability and longevity differ as well; natural hair will last longer and can be semi-permanently attached while synthetic systems can be less robust and have to be taken off before sleeping, showering, swimming, etc.

Choose based on which factors align with your lifestyle and styling needs.

Installation and Attachment Methods

Below, you will find the many ways salon professionals use to install these systems in order for them to look natural and securely attached.

Professional Installation

When you choose to have a hair integration system installed, it’s imperative to visit a certified salon where trained specialists handle the process. The salon professionals will tailor the system to match your hair’s color, density, and texture.

By correctly measuring where your hair is thinning, the integration specialist can make your system seamless and natural.

Attachment Techniques

There are several attachment methods that a professional luxury salon may use:

  1. Tape: Double-sided tapes are applied to the base of the hairpiece and then gently fixed to your scalp. This method is temporary and best used for daily wear.


  2. Glue/Adhesives: For a more lasting attachment, medical-grade glues are available. Your stylist will apply adhesive directly to your scalp or the hairpiece and press the two together to bond them secure.

  3. Micro beads or hand sewn.

  4. Clips: Small, snap clips are often sewn into the base of the hair integration unit. They clip into your existing hair, offering a non-permanent option for limited daily use.


Each of the methods have their pros and cons in how long they last and can be maintained.

Maintenance of Secure Fit

To maintain a secure fit, you should follow the specific care regimen advised by your stylist. Here’s a basic guide:

  • Tape attachments need to be removed, cleaned, and reattached every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Glue attachments can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks before requiring salon maintenance visits.

  • Clip-on systems should be removed daily and are much more limited.

Always use products recommended by your salon for upkeep, and schedule regular appointments to ensure the best performance of your hair integration system.

Transform Your Hair & Boost Your Confidence

Our hair integration specialists can give you healthy-looking hair, that looks natural – making you more confident and happy! Schedule a consultation with us today to find out if a hair integration system will work for you.

Caring for Hair Integration Systems

Brown haired woman having her hair integration system cared for

If you wish to properly care for your hair integration system, then be sure to be consistent in keeping it cared for, in the short and long term. You can use the following steps as a starting point.

Daily Maintenance

Brush Gently: Start by detangling the hair gently every day using a soft bristle brush recommended by your stylist to prevent matting. Always hold the base and be cautious around the areas where the integration system blends with your natural hair to avoid causing tension or stress.

Cleanliness: Keep the scalp clean by wiping it with a mild, alcohol-free solution to prevent any buildup from sweat or products.

Avoid Heat: Minimize the use of heat styling tools. If using, apply a heat protectant and utilize lower heat settings.

Long-Term Care

Shampooing: Wash your hair integration system weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your level of activity and product use. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and lightly apply the shampoo going down the direction of the hair – never scrub harshly.

Conditioning: Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner, focusing on the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair. Apply leave-in conditioner.

Scheduled Maintenance: Visit a professional experienced with hair integration systems every 4-6 weeks for re-tightening and inspection, ensuring any issues are addressed promptly.

Maximizing Lifespan

Storage: When not in use, store your hair integration system on a mannequin head or in a silk or satin bag to retain shape and prevent tangling.

Air Dry: Whenever possible, blowdry your hair integration base and allow the ret to air dry naturally after washing to reduce potential heat damage.

Professional Products: Invest in high-quality hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, etc.) recommended by hair professionals specifically for hair integration systems.

The Impact on Lifestyle and Self-Image

If you wish to have a better quality of life, and a better perception of yourself then a properly fitted mesh hair integration system can provide that for you as it is designed to be comfortable for daily wear with no discomfort, even during long periods of wear.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Wearing a hair integration system is about having the look you like, and for you to step out into the world feeling more secure about your appearance.

Adapting to Daily Routines

Embracing a hair integration system involves minimal disruption to your daily routines. You can style your hair as you would normally, managing your look with the tools and products you prefer.

Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle or have a more laid-back routine, your system is designed to remain secure and accommodate your personal hairstyle and styling preferences.

Hair Integration Systems for Specific Hair Concerns

No matter which type of hair-related issues you may have, there are solutions that will make your hair look natural and healhty.

Thinning Hair

For those experiencing thinning hair, hair integration systems offer a discrete way to enhance hair volume and fullness. Typically, a mesh is applied to your scalp, through which your natural hair is pulled. Then:

  • Fine Hair: Adding hair fibers that match your hair’s texture and color.

  • Density: Ensuring even coverage across the scalp’s affected areas.

This method is beneficial if you have noticed a decrease in hair density, as it fills out the hair without needing a full wig.

Hair Loss Due to Medical Conditions

Hair loss stemming from medical conditions such as alopecia, trichotillomania, or chemotherapy treatment requires specialized integration systems. These conditions often result in unpredictable bald spots or more extensive hair loss. Solutions include:

  • Custom Fitting: Measuring your scalp to create a tailored piece that covers balding areas comfortably.

  • Secure Attachment: Utilizing microbeads, adhesives, or weaving techniques to secure the hairpiece without stressing existing hair follicles.

  • Natural Appearance: Matching hair texture and color to ensure the integration system is indistinguishable from natural hair.

These hair integration options can restore your appearance and confidence during and after medical treatments.

Professional Services for Integration Systems

Staff of Beene And Company Salon - Hair Integration Systems Professional Salon

When considering a hair integration system, you should be aware that it’s going to require professional hands for proper fitting to bring the best results.

Hair Salons and Specialists

At reputable hair salons, specialists trained in hair integration systems can offer you personalized services. When you visit, a salon specialist will:

  • Conduct a hair assessment to understand your needs.

  • Provide a customized fitting of the hair piece to ensure comfort and a natural appearance.

Salon owners, such as Beene And Company Salon, invest in training to become experts in hair integration systems who will guide you through the process and to a successful fitting.

Hair Integration System Review

Chemo did permanent damage to my hair follicles leaving me with sparse, brittle, slow growing hair. This was a huge blow to my self image as a woman. I found wigs to be hot and uncomfortable. I’m very glad I found Shelly and team.

I had a hair integration system placed by Shelly gave me back my confidence and made me feel like myself again. Shelly and her team are always professional, polite, compassionate and competent.

They always try to accommodate my schedule, have worked me in for hair emergencies, and always make sure I’m happy with my hair – even calling to check on me between appointments. Thanks ladies!

Leah C. on Google

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we explore the specifics, you should know that a hair integration system is a hairpiece that adds hair to your existing hair to create a fuller look. Some of the most common questions are answered below about this system.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Increases the volume and fullness of your hair
  • Gives you a more natural look
  • The system blends seamlessly with your natural hair

Prices for hair integration systems can vary widely, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the materials used, customization, and construction quality.

Yes, hair integration systems are designed to be a durable option for hair enhancement. An integration system, when properly maintained, can last but still will have to be replaced.

Before the procedure, expect a consultation to tailor the system to your needs. After the procedure, you will enjoy fuller, more natural hair.

If fitted and maintained correctly by a professional, the risk of damage to your existing hair is minimal. But, poor application or neglecting to maintain the system will cause stress to your hair and potential damage.

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